KHORA Geneve Greek Restaurant Bar Cocktails Geneva

KHORA Genève Greek Restaurant and Bar

Welcome to the seaside: The Mediterranean on your plate! 

Located in Geneva, in the Eaux-Vives district, KHORA transports you to the heart of authentic Greece. More than a simple meal, the restaurant offers a unique and friendly experience with a concept of dishes to share and an atmosphere reminiscent of the alleys of Santorini or Thessaloniki. Beyond the color and freshness on the plate, the Mediterranean-inspired decor offers a welcoming, authentic and jovial atmosphere that encourages relaxation. The ideal place to spend an indulgent, festive moment.

Dishes that amplify your feelings

KHORA aims to highlight how innovative, tasty and refined Greek food can be. They derive their inspiration from the traditional Greek table and reinterpret longstanding recipes with a modern twist. Inspired by the Greek word for “small village”, KHORA is deeply rooted in the culinary tradition of Greece, where the experience transcends the food alone and is at the very core of the restaurant’s concept. The team takes pride in their ingredients, whether they are sourced at local suppliers or imported from the islands of Greece. The restaurant itself has a modern, yet rustic charm that welcomes you to the seaside, at least for the span of a delicious meal.

KHORA Geneva Greek Restaurant

Take-away menu: during lockdown and beyond

From MEZEDES, like homemade Tzatziki (CHF 8.00), Taramasalata (CHF 11.00), Melizanosalata (Smoked eggplant, CHF 8.00), via THALASSA like Garides Saganaki (Sautéed shrimps cooked with ouzo, tomato sauce and baked feta, CHF 24.00), and Htapodi Xydato (Grilled octopus in olive oil, chardonnay vinegar, caper leaves, CHF 17.00), to GI, like Giouvetsi (Kritharaki pasta, braised beef cheek, tomato sauce with Greek spices, CHF 35.00), Kebab Giaourtlou (Lamb kebab, ezme sauce (spicy tomato sauce), yogurt, pita bread, CHF 31.00), and Moussaka (Minced beef, eggplants, potatoes, béchamel sauce, CHF 26.00), side dishes like pita bread, roasted potatoes and briam… the traditional gyros, souvlaki as well as a vast choice of desserts, the take away menu at KHORA fulfils all your cravings and desires.

KHORA Genève Greek Restaurant and Bar
Avenue Pictet-de-Rochemont 8
1207 Geneva Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 736 39 12