The Chapel Cocktail Bar Vienna

The Chapel Bar Vienna – Speakeasy

During the alcohol prohibition in the United States, illegal pubs or clubs were referred to as speakeasy; a hidden location, serving liquor and beer, that only insiders knew and where guests were asked to speak softly so as to not reveal the activity to the authorities. The Chapel Bar in Vienna is such a place: no sign, no indication, no visible entrance door. You enter the bar through a confessional…

In normal circumstances, not in times of Corona, of course, and even without bans, humans like to gather together in secret and mysterious places for fun and drinks. There is something about “being in the know” and having to ring a hidden doorbell to be let in.

Located in the 15th district, the former “Mozartstüberl” was taken over in 2016 by Franz Unterrainer, a gastro professional from Tyrol. He renamed it “Mozart’s” and aimed to preserve as much of its traditional interior with the over 100 years old wood paneling as possible. The inn-style restaurant serves burgers and beer. So far, nothing out of the ordinary…

BUT: on a dark green wall hangs a large, golden picture frame. Touch, twist, tadaaah! A hidden door opens and there is only one way to ceremoniously proceed into the mystic universe of The Chapel and that is through an original confessional.

A Madonna statue stands in a niche and graciously looks at guests. The bar is slightly elevated like on an altar. The bar menu reflects the clerical theme and comprises drinks hinting at the Ten Commandments and the seven deadly sins. The wooden structure of the ceiling is reminiscent of a nave, the velvet of the seating is blue like the mantle of Mother Mary. The counter, lamps, tables, shakers glow in warm copper in the semi-darkness.

During Corona lockdown, the Mozart’s is offering pick-up and delivery of homemade, hearty meals and cocktails from The Chapel.

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The Chapel Bar Vienna – Speakeasy
Haidmannsgasse 8
1150 Vienna Austria