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Winery: Domaine Blondel – Vaud, Switzerland

Domaine Blondel is located in the heart of Lavaux. With its terraced vineyards along the shores of Lake Geneva, this wine region is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2007 and considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Domaine Blondel comprises wines with the most prestigious appellations: Villette, Epesses, Calamin (Grand Cru), Dézaley (Grand Cru), and St-Saphorin.

The history of Domaine Blondel goes back many years. Jean-Luc Blondel, representing the 6th generation of winegrowers, took the helm of the family estate in 1987 together with his wife Francine. Also a winegrower’s daughter, she represents the 17th generation of the Duboux family. Together, they built Domaine Blondel as we know it today.

Jean-Luc mainly worked in the vineyard and vinification, while Francine took care of the organization and smooth running of the Domaine. Their son Louis, who was making wine since he was 16 years old, made his mark in several different fields before returning to the family winery. He first worked as a qualified winemaker before taking on the responsibility of team leader. He later took over all aspects related to winegrowing from his father. Jean-Luc now is in charge of managing the company and promoting the wines that he produces in partnership with his son.

As a former teacher, Charlotte joined her husband Louis and his parents, Jean-Luc and Francine about a year ago to work at Domaine Blondel. She is in charge of managing the communication of the wine-growing estate as well as certain administrative aspects related to its sustainability.

The family’s philosophy is to respect the soil, the vines, and the wine, preserving and protecting their various needs and drawing on their combined experience of flavors, passion, and conviviality to delight even the most demanding of palates. They only process grapes from their own vineyards and press them as gently as possible in their own wine cellar.

Winery: Domaine Blondel – Vaud, Switzerland
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