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Entbrannt Mais Wodka Craft Spirit Austria Graz

Entbrannt Wodka Vertriebs OG

Entbrannt Mais Wodka is distilled not far from Riegersburg Castle in Styria, in southeast Austria. Manufactured from the best local corn from the area around the castle and spring water , the production is based on original Eastern European distilling traditions combined with the centuries-old knowledge of Austria’s own brandy culture. Georg, Joschi, Lukas and …

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Paido Soda Low Calorie Vitamin Packed Soda

The Paido Soda Company GmbH

Paido Soda is a new low-calorie soft drink with just 20 calories per 100 ml. Anyone who loves raspberry flavour will love Paido Soda Raspberry. The low calorie drink provides the body with important nutrients and is rich in vitamins B6 and B12. Vitamin B6 is largely responsible for regulating glycogen and protein metabolism. It …

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