About us

Fabdrinx is an esprit. It is about lifestyle, drink culture, craft, innovation, bar life, mixology, food and drink pairings, culinary experiences, the places that offer them – hotels, restaurants, bars; the people that make and serve them, and those that enjoy them. It reunites all those who are passionate about drinks, who want to know more, who want to share their knowledge; industry professionals, prescribers and consumers, all guardians of savoir faire and savoir vivre in their own right.

Starting off with building an online presence via Social Media, Fabdrinx will develop into a marketing platform comprising a highly affine, interested and influential community, a blogzine and a shop. Partners of Fabdrinx will benefit from a multitude of communication and marketing possibilities: visibility, access to a large consumer base, traffic and lead generation, targeted product and content seeding, engagement techniques, B2B opportunities, influencer and blogger relations, event organization, content production, community building, social marketing, e-commerce and consulting…

Fabdrinx is a startup project. The founding partners are industry professionals, all digital savvy, and passionate entrepreneurs with marketing experience. Complementary skills allow them to drive the project in every language region of Switzerland, in Germany and Austria.

Beyond its own growing community and online presence, Fabdrinx can rely on traction via several bloggers and content creators, many of them influencers in their respective fields, all highly connected, digital savvy, creative people, representing a task force that you can activate for your brand. Clients we previously worked with are: big corporations such as AB InBev, Beam Suntory, Campari, Carlsberg, LVMH (drinks portfolio), Nespresso, Radeberger … but also small enterprises and startups, events and personalities.

Your benefits in becoming a partner

Partners can benefit from the full service portfolio and different packages. From consulting, to communication, from concept to content production, from promotion via amplification to viralisation… product seeding and sales. Your benefits in summary:

  • For businesses: Fabdrinx connects drink brands and related businesses with consumers, accelerates product launches, produces contents, amplifies communications online and proposes a more original way of engaging with their target audiences.
  • For consumers: Fabdrinx aims to inform consumers of new drinks in the launch phase, to provide them with updates about their favorite brands, to propose recipes and events, to help them find offers and deals, obtain vouchers and coupons, and buy fabulous drinks online.
  • For bloggers: Fabdrinx connects content producers with brands and stages blogger contents (recipe ideas, cocktails, etc.) thus helping them to more visibility while providing them with access to fabulous product experiences and sustainable business models based on revenue share.
  • For media: Fabdrinx can stage and viralise selected contents from media specialized in drinks related communications.
  • For agencies: Fabdrinx can run campaigns (contents, launches, social media, advertising, etc.)