Sauguata Gin RSB Spirituosenerzeugungs OG

RSB Spirituosenerzeugungs OG – Sauguata Gin

RSB Spirituosenerzeugungs OG was founded by G & T enthusiasts Dr. Klaus Burka & Friends. The Vienna based company is the producer of Sauguata Gin, a true London Dry Gin, with classic botanicals including lemongrass, tangerine peel, cinnamon, and ginger.

Sauguata Gin is the brainchild of Dr. Klaus Burka, a lawyer  from Vienna who found the many gins on the market far too removed from the original “juniper-like flavor”. This is how, after months of testing,  Sauguata Gin was created. The name derives from the German expression for something really good (saugut, or in Austrian German sauguat). And because this is just how the new gin should taste, the name was quickly found!

Gin originates from Holland. Known in Dutch as genever, the spirit is predominantly made using juniper berries. During the Thirty Years’ War (1618 – 1648), the production of gin moved to the United Kingdom under the nickname ‘Dutch Courage’. Today, Britain is rightly recognised as the home of gin.

Each gin derives its individual character and flavour from ingredients known as botanicals that are used in distillation. Classic botanicals include juniper, coriander, cardamom and various citrus peels. In order to maintain a certain balance, peppery spices such as pomegranates or grains of paradise are often added. In addition, ingredients such as rose petals, liquorice, nutmeg, almonds and cinnamon can be added. Over the years, countless spices, herbs and fruits have found their way into different gins.

Sauguata Gin: Nomen est Omen

At RSB, however, quality is valued over quantity and the motto is “Back to the roots”. Thus, Sauguata Gin is not characterised by the number of botanicals or its alcohol content, but rather its genuine, classic gin taste. The Viennese gin is crafted using the London Dry Gin method, the most strictly regulated process in Europe. During a careful maceration, selected ingredients are used to draw forth the essences needed to create an outstanding gin. Professionally burned and specially filtered, the unmistakable Sauguata Gin is created. A characterful, versatile spirit that you can enjoy pure, with tonic or various other ingredients.

ÖGZ, the Austrian trade magazine for the hospitality industry, named Sauguata Gin the winner of their comparative tasting 2019, in Spain it also received a gold medal at the Catavinum Competition, and 93 Points with Falstaff Magazin.

At the World Spirits Award 2020, Sauguata Gin achieved the gold medal with 93.3 WOB points among approx. 85 different gin samples.

Scent: Classic juniper berry botanical intermezzo, clear juniper base, resinous, citrus aromas, oranges, lime, raspberry, coriander, cardamon, thyme, dill, floral hints, violets, lavender, rooty-earthy.

Taste: Lots of playfully packaged citrus aromas, very typical juniper, coniferous and resinous notes, oranges, grapefruit, peel and hints of albedo, ginger, allspice, lavender, coriander, thyme, peppermint, compact body, long-lasting finish.

Contents: 700 ml

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