Steinhorn Gin 44% vol. 500 ml

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London Dry Gin
Pot Still Procedure
Pronounced juniper characteristics
Citrus notes
Classic and regional botanicals
500 ml
Alcohol 44% VOL
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Made in Austria, Wagram region, Weinviertel

Best Austrian Gin at Falstaff Gin Trophy 2018 (94 points), 2019 (93 points), 2020 (93 points).


Steinhorn Gin is produced by The Steiner Bros. Martin and Johannes Steiner from Lower Austria fondly call their creation a "lovechild". Steinhorn Gin is produced in their parental wine tavern in Ruppersthal, their hometown in the idyllic Weinviertel, and was first brought to market in 2018. From rosemary, elderberry, liquorice, and other botanicals… Steinhorn Gin is distilled according to the strictest rules for a London Dry Gin. With a drinking strength of 44% vol. it is well received by aficionados and juries, and so in 2018, just shortly after its launch, Steinhorn Gin was awarded the best Austrian Gin at the Falstaff Gin Trophy. And it stayed at the top with 93 points in 2019, and 2020 respectively.

The Steiners are a family from the Weinviertel, Austria’s Wine Quarter, who have been growing and producing wine for generations. They also produced Schnapps with their own fruit. The brothers Johannes and Martin Steiner, aka the Steiner Bros., committed to reviving the family’s tradition of distilling spirits. Their ancestors, Katharina and Gottfried von Grosz, impoverished landed gentry from Silesia, were making a living as traveling merchants before settling down in Ruppersthal, a little village in the Weinviertel, at the end of the 19th century. In addition to their activity as grocers, they were also distilling schnapps. Although bootlegging of some sort, their liquors enjoyed great popularity. It is reported that in particular the gin they produced enjoyed a legendary reputation and was present even in the most prestigious Salons des Fin de Siècle in Vienna. Unwittingly, they were the originators of Steinhorn Gin.

Steinhorn Gin is the contemporary interpretation of their family’s tradition, distilled in a 60-litre copper kettle in the pot still process and according to the strictest requirements for London Dry Gin. The result is a characterful gin with a strong juniper signature, citrus notes and a herbal, spicy finish. Botanicals such as rosemary, elderberry and liquorice, as well as a number of other ingredients, many of which come from their own garden and the region around Wagram, add elegance and make Steinhorn Gin a pure, graceful spirit with a mysterious aura.


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