Anton Dry Gin, made with a lot of LOVE, HEART & GFUI

Anton Dry Gin is crafted with love in Lower Bavaria. Here, in the beautiful Rottal, often referred to as the “Bavarian Tuscany”, it saw the light of day on August 16, 2019 with the help of a modern copper still.

Every single bottle of Anton Dry Gin is filled, corked, labeled and numbered by hand, making it truly unique! There are only around 200 bottles per batch.

Patricia, the producer, named Anton after her grandfather. He was – just like his homonymous gin – a Bavarian original: masculine, distinctive, and profound; with corners and edges but also very warm and soft in the core. Characterful, complex, and strong yet balanced and harmonious, Anton is a gin that resembles the man.

It is made using 12 botanicals in combination with the finest, multiple distilled neutral alcohol and pure Bavarian spring water. At 42% vol. drinking strength, it boasts, in addition to juniper, aromas of coriander, cardamom, pink grapefruit, cinnamon… well, why not find out for yourself actually! Order it here via Paypal Express or in our shop >>>


Anton Rottal Dry Gin Craft Gin Niederbayern Lower Bavaria Small Batch