Austria, wunderBAR: your favourite cocktails delivered at home!

We are going through a troubled period, to say the least. Many bars, restaurants, and hotels are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many are facing an uncertain future. In an effort to help and facilitate communication between local bars and guests, we are aiming to regroup information about running operations during the Corona Crisis. We already wrote about cocktail delivery in Switzerland, today is all about Austria!

In Vienna, several bars offer cocktail delivery: SLU Bar (SLU For You), Bei Mir (menu), The Chapel (delivery cocktail menu changes weekly), The Sign Cocktail Lounge (online orders), the Krypt (select online), Das Torberg (Pick-up & Delivery), The Underdog (Food & Drinks), Die Parfürmerie (Cocktails, Bottles, Coffee), Matiki (Drinks Menu), Moby Dick (Cocktails & Sandwiches), and Nightfly’s (Menu & Conditions). Click on the links, they take you to the corresponding offer. Further below is a list of all bars and their full contact details.

Moby Dick Bar Vienna

Crew at Moby Dick Bar Vienna, at your service!

There are several bars in other regions of Austria that also offer cocktail pick-up and/or home delivery. Here they are:

Yesterday Bar in St. Pölten offers both cocktail pick-up and home delivery service: Wednesday –Saturday, 5 pm- 10 pm. 

The Jigger Bar in Salzburg teamed up with Mentor’s Bar Kultur and created a pickup service (pre-order) and a delivery service for people outside the city center. Minimal order value for home delivery: EUR 50. Tuesday to Saturday, from 4 pm to 10 pm. The reduced cocktail card includes Rapscallion (EUR 26), Cosmopolitan (EUR 24), Gin Basil Smash (EUR 22). All cocktails are offered in double size, filled in recycled glass bottles and delivered with ice and garnishes.

Burgbar Perchtoldsdorf had created a Pick-up Service. We recommend you check their Website or, even better, their Facebook Page for the newest developments.

Fredi’s Bar in Essling also launched a temporary home delivery service. You can order via Facebook Messenger or by email until 4:30 pm. Deliveries Friday and Saturday, 07:00 – 22:30 pm. Minimum order EUR 15, payments in cash (following safety instructions) or Paypal. The cocktail card for home delivery is comprehensive. Prices range from EUR 8.50 (strong), via EUR 7.50 (tropical, classic, sweet), to EUR 5.50 (non-alcoholic).

TARO Bar in Bruck an der Leitha launched TAROad, its home delivery service and special deals include: Pina Colada, Mojito, Caipirinha – for EUR 9 each, Long Island Ice Tea EUR 10, Gin Tonic XXL EUR 11, but also Virgin Cocktails à EUR 7. The prices are slightly higher than at the venue, that is to cover costs related to packaging and delivery. Also, the portions are a bit larger than at the bar. Delivery is FREE in Bruck at the order of 4 cocktails, beyond the city of Bruck from 6 cocktails free. Orders are taken by SMS only (+43 650 5511074), Thursday to Saturday from 5 pm. You can choose from two delivery rounds: 6 pm – 8 pm, or 8 pm – 10 pm. Safety rules: In order to keep the risk for both sides as low as possible, the cocktails are delivered to the front door, the money must be deposited in a clear film on the doorstep.

Below the list of all the bars and their full contact details.


Billrothstraße 31
1190 Wien
T: +43 664 43 55 400
Online: Web, Facebook

Bei Mir
Speckbachergasse 47
1160 Vienna
T: +43 650 36 66 700
Online: Web, Facebook

The Chapel
Haidmannsgasse 8
1150 Vienna
T: +43 681 81561233
Online: Facebook

The Sign Lounge
Liechtensteinstraße 104-106
1090 Wien
T: +43 664 964 3276
Online: Web, Facebook, Instagram

1090 Wien
Online: Web, Online Orders, Facebook

Das Torberg
Strozzigasse 47
1080 Wien
T: +43 1 9563479
Online: Web, Facebook

The Underdog
Schlösselgasse 24
1080 Wien
T: +43 6507747486
Online: Web, Facebook, Instagram

Die Parfürmerie
Neustiftgasse 84
1070 Vienna
Online: Web, Facebook

Gardegasse 2
1070 Wien
T: +43 660 8254576
Online: Web, Facebook

Moby Dick
Neustiftgasse 26
1070 Wien
T: +43 1 9974279
Online: Web, Facebook, Instagram

Dorotheergasse 14
1010 Vienna
T: +43 699 17128767
Online: Web, Facebook


Yesterday Bar
Prandtauerstraße 4
3100 St. Pölten
T: +43 676 736 22 71
Online: Web, Facebook


The Jigger Bar
Schallmooser Hauptstraße 44
5020 Salzburg
T: +43 660 4445494
Online: Web, Facebook, Instagram

Mentor’s Bar Kultur
Gstättengasse 3
5020 Salzburg
T: +43 664 9133810
Online: Facebook


Burgbar Perchtoldsdorf
Hochstrasse 5
2380 Perchtoldsdorf
T: +43 699 1947 67 34
Online: Web, Facebook


Fredi’s Bar
Esslinger Hauptstraße 120
1220 Wien
T: +43 1 774 11 93
Online: Web, Home Delivery, Facebook, Instagram

Bruck an der Leitha

Taro American Bar
Wiener Gasse 9
2460 Bruck an der Leitha
T: +43 699 10 10 95 59
Online: Web, Facebook

We invite you to stay at home as requested by the authorities. Take the opportunity to reconnect with your passions and with the things that matter to you. Thank you for reading our contents. Stay safe & do your part!