Bærenman: Premium Spirits from Landegg

The Bærenman craft distillery is located amidst the pristine nature in Landegg, Lower Austria. The area is called the Pannonicum and is known for its biodiversity. Here, surrounded by the majestic Austrian Alps and the vast planes of the Hungarian lowlands, where crystal clear waters run untamed and flora and fauna are quasi intact, Markus Gselmann and his team produce premium spirits with only the best ingredients the region has to offer, each one characterised by the typical flavours of the terroir.

Baerenman Markus Gselmann Dog Flocke Landegg Austria

Bærenman London Dry Gin

Produced from 31 botanicals that are soaked over night in locally produced corn alcohol, which gives this gin a unique taste. Alongside Juniper, of course, we discern notes of coriander seed, cinnamon, cardamom, and citrus peel but also flowery and fruity notes from local blossoms, buds and berries. The whole sublimed by fresh mountain water from the surrounding Austrian Alps. It’s an honest gin that is well anchored in its terroir but at the same time takes the palate on a voyage to the orient and onwards to other exotic destinations. ABV 44%, no filtration, no cold stabilisation, just pure taste!

Awards: ÖGZ Winner Gin 2021, IWSC Silver 2020, International Spirits Challenge 2021 Silver, World Gin Awards 2021Bronze. The spirit of Landegg; the taste of the Pannonicum in a glass: honest, earthy, and mellow… a good ally for all your garden parties, picnics in the forest, and BBQs by the lake!

Baerenman London Dry Gin

Bærenman Dry Pink Gin

All of the above but kissed by raspberries that soaked up the sun and the aromas of the surrounding forests. Have you ever heard of Himbeergeist? Now imagine this genie in a bottle of dry gin! The distilling of fruit has a longstanding tradition in Austria; it’s a craft that is passed on from generation to generation. Here, the combination of the two culminates in a Dry Pink Gin that is ideal for summer! A real eye catcher with its lovely pink color! It scooped Silver at the World Gin Awards 2021 and The Gin Masters 2020. And if you ever have the pleasure of tasting it you will know why!

Baerenman Dry Pink Gin

The wonderful aromas of sun ripened Austrian raspberries emanate as soon as opening the bottle. If you like the taste of raspberry you will love this gin! Served ice cold, refreshing and fruity… The ideal summer drink that enchants the eye as well as the palate! No added sugar and lower ABV > beach body. Bottoms up!

Bærenman Pure Single Dry Rum

The spirit of Bærenman has travelled far! Inspired by the seafarers of the Caribbean and their rough lives which they embellished by drinking rum, this Austrian representative is a fine rum any sailor would enjoy: crystal clear, made of 100% certified ecological sugar cane molasses, without any additives, produced in a pot still. Arrr!

Only the certified ecological sugar cane molasses that are used to produce Baerenman Rum are purchased and imported from Paraguay. Everything else is locally sourced and produced in Austria. Once the molasses have arrived in bulk containers, they are manually diluted with approximately 3 times the amount in water. Subsequently a mixture of different unique yeast strains as well as some nutrition is added to the solution.

Baerenman Pure Single Dry Rum

The containers are then left to stand in the summer sun, which helps the yeast turn all of the sugar into alcohol over a period of 6-7 days. This procedure is called fermentation and generates a lot of heat. The fermentation tanks often reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, similar to temperatures in the Caribbean. After the fermentation is finished, the mash is gently transferred into the pot still to avoid air intake. Here, it is slowly distilled, whereupon the heads (beginning of distillation) and tails (end of distillation) are separated, which results in a raw rum distillate with around 82% ABV.

After being stored for a minimum of 9 months in stainless steal tanks, the rum is then diluted to drinking strength using pure, fresh Austrian mountain water. No artificial or other natural additives are used in the dilution process. It is long, hard work for the Baerenman production team who is crafting relentlessly during the warmest summer months in order to generate high-quality rum that equals that produced in the Caribbean. Awards: Gold at the International Spirits Challenge, Silver at the World Rum Awards 2021.

Baerenman Premium Spirits London Dry Gin Pink Gin Dry Rum

Baerenman uses an elaborate copper still system that operates on the principle of reflux and allows the separation of heads and tails. It’s a masterpiece of technology and coppersmiths-work. Via a touch panel it is possible to run individually created heating cycles for each type of spirit so that distillation is always on point!

The volume of the copper kettle is an impressive 200 liters. The column consists of 3 bubble plates. Alcohol vapors pass through the different phases and are led into stainless steel tanks in liquid form for storage.

Copper has a catalytic effect, which neutralizes hydrogen sulfides. That is how, at the end of the process, we get to enjoy a particularly fine, pure tasting spirit. Fresh mountain water from the surrounding Austrian Alps then lowers the ABV to a drinking strength.

Baerenman Distillery System

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