xMas Calendar N° 12: Clos des Rennauds – Wine Time with Obrist

Today, we are delighted to surprise you with this fabulous present from Obrist: a Gift Box filled with delicious wine from Clos des Rennauds, a small vineyard in the Chablais Vaudois that produces its wines according to the principles of biodynamics. It contains a lovely trio:

1 bottle of Clos des Rennauds Grand Cru Riesling, Yvorne Chablais AOC 2017
1 bottle of Clos des Rennauds Grand Cru Arvine, Yvorne Chablais AOC 2017
1 bottle of Clos des Rennauds Grand Cru Chenin, Yvorne Chablais AOC 2018

To win this gift, simply like this post on Instagram or Facebook, follow Fabdrinx and Obrist, and tell us in the comments what you would pair each wine with!

The giveaway is intended for our readers of the legal  drinking age. It is limited to Switzerland and runs until 24.12.20 across all our digital channels. Each participation in every channels counts and increases your chance to win. On Boxing Day, the winner of this giveaway will be determined by lucky draw. Thank you for reading us and joining our Christmas Countdown. Best of luck to all the participants!

Obrist Trio Clos des Rennauds Riesling Arvine Chenin Grand Cru


The Swiss Riviera, this beautiful region around Vevey and Montreux, with the Alps as a backdrop, a stone throw away from the lake and sublimed be the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, truly is a little paradise on earth. Here, where the elements meet, some of the best Swiss wines are produced.

Soil and people; these are the two most important pillars of winemaking. Wine is the fruit of an intimate relationship between us humans and nature. The climate, the soil, and our capability to cultivate it, are all factors that are determinative for the quality of the wine we produce. Making wine requires humility, love and dedication. It is a craft and a passion, and for over 160 years now, it is this passion – and a good dose of determination – that drives the people at Obrist.

Obrist was founded in Vevey in 1854 and owns vineyards of great renown, such as the Cure d’Attalens and the Clos du Rocher, which extend from La Côte, through the terraces of Lavaux, and to the Chablais.

Besides its own vineyards and estates, Obrist is renown for finding and curating other fantastic wines. The company’s portfolio includes prestigious Swiss wines as well as many extraordinary, distinctive and original wines from distinguished vineyards around the world.

Obrist is a reference in its domain and sells wines to gastronomic establishments, specialized resellers and private customers. Progressive in many ways, the company with the longstanding tradition of topnotch customer service and high-quality wines holds many awards and medals.

Maison Obrist Vevey Lavaux Switzerland

Clos des Rennauds in Yvorne, situated right in the heart of the Chablais Vaudois, is a small vineyard that is cultivated according to the principles of biodynamics.

The vineyard covers only 6,200m2. Riesling, Chenin and Arvine are grown here. The winemaker, Martin Suardet, cares for his vineyard with the greatest respect for the terroir, sustainability is the status quo in order to protect the environment and to optimize the quality of his wines.

Using only organic substances and observing the lunar and planetary cycles form the basis of this production method. The design of the 3 bottle labels of the Clos des Rennaud wines represents that.

The meticulous work of the winemaker, combined with the extraordinary mountain terroir of Yvorne, results in wines of remarkable freshness and fruitiness.

After pressing, each grape variety undergoes 9 days of fermentation in ovoid (egg-shaped) containers, followed by 9 months of maturation. In this way a vortex is created, which causes a permanent circular movement and thus a natural swirling of the sediment! Like that, the wines gain homogeneity and harmony, with the least human intervention.

Clos des Rennaud Chablais Vaudois Obrist