Only Lovers Left Alive – Virtual Music Festival

Hennessy and Belvedere are supporting an event that will happen this weekend and that highlights Geneva’s cultural scene and music! This festival is organized by the iconic “Chez Jean-Luc” bar in Geneva and aims to share the positive idea of ​​love, exchange and entertainment, despite the fact that getting together physically is not possible.

For some time now, the nightlife has been quiet and the music scene has found no home. During a unique Live Stream event, Chez Jean-Luc, wishes to revive the vibe of the colorful, lively evenings that once filled its halls…

Artist Virginie Morillo, better known as Sainte Vivienne, and DJ Quentin have decided to create, together, a kind of joyful and artistic lull in this rather troubled period.

From November 21 to 22, 24 hours of musical and artistic performances will be broadcast live on Jean-Luc’s website.

Music, but not only! Throughout this digital festival, you will have the opportunity to listen to dj sets from some of the most popular djs on the local scene like Ramin & Reda, Dj Reas, Dj Laxxiste, Rossevelt Records and many more. But it is above all an artistic mashup during which you can also listen to the actress and singer Alexandra Marco do erotic readings, see a dance performance and many other performers.

« Only Lovers Left Alive »

What is the link between this title which evokes the film of Jim Jarmush and Chez Jean Luc? Quite like in the film, the two protagonists live worlds apart. And it is Eve’s reunion with Adam that helps her get out of her state of seclusion. Here Jean-Luc represents Eve, the music, the nightlife, the entertainment that comes to the aid of Adam, the spectator who wishes to reconnect through the experiences, thanks to the music. Join us us online, as we are dancing the night away, sipping cocktails!

Line up and where to watch LIVE

Watch Live from 12pm Saturday on the Website of Chez Jean-Luc

12h00 – 12h15: The Show Girls: Drue & Amber la Garce
12h15 – 12H30: Sainte Viviane
12h40 – 13h30: Stella Fleurs
13h40 – 14h50: Roosevelt Records
15h00 – 16h10: Herr Liebe
16h20 – 17h20: <That Girl> – 2nd Hand Vinyl/ Multikulti Extraterrestrial
17h30 – 18h30: Les Distillateurs
18h40 – 19h50: Artmaillé
20h00 – 21h10: Dj Laxxiste & Rude Boy Lopez
21h15 – 23h00: Show Performance
21h20 – 21h50: Zelda Dite la Bouche – erotic reading
21h55 – 22h30: Salomé Chatriot, Virginie Morillo, All Nailz on Me (Finger Nail Puppets)
22h30 – 23h00: Shera Ziza & Milla Pluton – Les Verveines Aphrodisiasques
23h10 – 00h20: Ramin & Reda
00h30 – 01h50: Crowdpleaser
02h00 – 03h20: Dj Reas
03h30 – 04h50: Daiikon
05h00 – 06h20: LINO
06h30 – 08h00: HAQ
08h10 – 09h35: La Griffe
09h45 – 10h30: Frédéric Post, Back to Basics, participative drum circle (Motel Campo)
10h30 – 12h00: Rythme de Vie (Bongo Joe Records)

End of the festival – Take away Hot Dogs stand in front of the bar