VINEA adapts to the crisis and creates a new concept: VINE@Home

VINEA is a multidisciplinary association. It organizes wine awards like the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, Mondial du Pinot, Mondial du Merlot et Assemblages, and events to promote local wines, such as the Salon des Vins Suisses or VINEA On Tour. The Association also produces the app Vinea Vins Suisses.

The main mission of VINEA is to create bridges, spaces for exchange and sharing between its wine producer members and the public of wine lovers and buyers, in particular through its events.

Due to the Corona Crisis, many events have been canceled and wine tours and tastings are not possible at the moment. In this new and particularly complicated context, VINEA offers to help its members and created a “virtual bridge” in form of a new service: VINE@HOME. It delivers tasting boxes directly to your doorstep.

The first “Discovery of Swiss wines” pack was launched in March. Composed of 6 bottles from VINEA member producers representing the 6 wine regions of Switzerland, these themed packs can be ordered online and are accompanied by links to didactic videos presenting the grape variety, the wine region, the estate, the wine, a tasting commentary and tasting tips from an oenologist. Video (in French) below. Limited number. Price CHF 119.-, shipping costs included.


Depending on success, other themed packs are already under consideration and will be gradually marketed.

VINE@Home packs are for discerning amateurs, as well as newbies. They are intended for wine lovers, whatever their level of tasting. The idea is to make VINEA’s network of knowledge and contacts available to the public in the Swiss wine sector and to facilitate closer ties between the consumer and the producer.

Thanks to this initiative, the discovery of some fabulous Swiss wines is made possible during confinement. And for us, as consumers, it is one more way to support our local producers.

Further information:, all video tutorials and tastings notes on YouTube >>>

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