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Coffee Love: Giveaway for Night Owls and Day Dreamers

At Fabdrinx, we love coffee and we celebrate the love for life any day of the year. However, this Valentine’s Day is special: due to the current situation, many of us cannot be with their beloved, or be with them in the way we would love to. Romantic getaway, hotel stay, dinner for two, over a coffee say “I love you!”….

This is why we are giving away 5 parcels comprising a bottle of Wiener Mocca and two packs of Naber Coffee so that you can enjoy a nice cup, or maybe a dessert with coffee liqueur, with your “Plus 1”. Your partner, a friend or colleague… Share the joy of delicious coffee with them! Invite them for a cuppa, or forward the gift. Depending on what the current situation allows.

The winners are: Paula F., Sabine M., Roman B., Ruthild L., und Sepp L. Congratulations!

Naber Kaffee Manufaktur Kaffeehaus Wien

Wiener Mocca: made with Love


The extraordinary symbiosis between the art of coffee and the craft of spirits, the perfect mixture of black gold and crystal clear treasures, the unique collaboration between the Naber Coffee Factory and Distillery Freihof: Wiener Mocca is an homage to the traditional Viennese coffee house culture, created for today’s lifestyle.

Made purely from the beans, without any added aromas, the coffee liqueur inspires with its strong taste, a surprisingly fine texture and the dark color that looks like an intense espresso. Whether for pure enjoyment, as a basis for exciting cocktails or to refine desserts, Wiener Mocca always makes a strong statement with an alcohol content of 23%. In addition, a hand-drawn design adorns the 500 ml bottle and is reminiscent of the classic Viennese coffee house – white on black. A real specialty!

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