Domaine Blondel celebrates its 100th anniversary with Cuvée Blondel

Domaine Blondel is a family business whose philosophy it is to respect and protect the soil, the vines and the wine. These winemakers can look back on the combined experience of several generations. Taste, passion and conviviality are reflected in their wines, which delight even the most demanding palates.

The history of Domaine Blondel goes back many years. Jean-Luc Blondel, who represents the 6th generation of the winemaker family, took over the reins of the winery together with his wife Francine in 1987. Herself the daughter of a winemaker, she represents the 17th generation of the Duboux family. Together, the two shaped Domaine Blondel as we know it today.

Jean-Luc worked mainly in the vineyard and winemaking, while Francine took care of the organization and smooth running of the business. Their son Louis, who has been making wine since he was 16, first gained experience in various areas before returning to the family winery. He initially worked as a qualified winemaker before taking on the responsibility of the team leader. His father later delegated all aspects of viticulture to him. Jean-Luc is now responsible for managing the company and promoting the wines he produces in collaboration with his son.

Charlotte, Louis’ wife, is a former teacher and has now also joined the Blondel team. She takes care of communication and certain administrative aspects related to the sustainability of the winery.

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Wine region Lavaux, home of Chasselas

The Domaine Blondel winery is located in the heart of Lavaux, a region that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. With its terrace vineyards along the shores of Lake Geneva, it is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world.

Lavaux is the cradle of Chasselas, a very old variety of wine that dates back to the 16th century. Chasselas is the predominant white grape variety in Switzerland. Mainly grown in the canton of Vaud, it can also be found in Valais, Geneva and Neuchâtel.

Blondel vines are grown according to the Charter for Sustainable Development. Over several generations, the family has developed in-depth know-how that enables them to work Lavaux’s terroirs, newer and older grape varieties, and modern winemaking techniques in harmony.

All wines come from their own vineyards and are guaranteed “Lavaux appellation d’origine contrôlée” – a protected designation of origin (Lavaux AOC). Domaine Blondel produces wines with the most prestigious appellations: Villette, Epesses, Calamin (Grand Cru), Dézaley (Grand Cru) and St-Saphorin. The winery offers 14 different wines, from red and white wine to dessert wines.

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Symbolic: Cuvée Blondel Chasselas de Lavaux 2019

The latest creation is Cuvée Blondel. This slightly cloudy, particularly fruity, aromatic wine was specifically created for the 100th anniversary of the vineyard. It also marks the transition from one generation of winemakers to the next! After 30 years, Francine and Jean-Luc Blondel are slowly handing over the management of the family business to their son and his wife.

Cuvée Blondel is an assemblage of various unfiltered Chasselas de Lavaux and an expression of excellence that combines tradition and innovation. The lack of a second fermentation makes this wine powerful and intense. Notes of white fruit and green apple, a light, tingling acidity and subtle minerality make Cuvée Blondel the perfect accompaniment to seafood and cold starters.

Marina created this delicious combination for us: green asparagus, polenta, stracchino and ham crudo canapés with scallops on layered zucchini! A fabulous mixture of aromas, which the fruity yet characterful Cuvée Blondel balances very well!

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